Managing the best talent

During 2021, the implementation of the organizational model established within the Horizon 24 Strategic Plan was completed. Despite the progress in vaccination, the pandemic has continued to affect both corporate operations and the interaction between professionals.


at 2021 year end



In this context, Ferrovial’s human resources team has implemented new mechanisms for identifying talent, as well as tools that facilitate the continuous development and growth of its professionals.

In 2021, a new global talent review system has been deployed in the organization. More than 4,000 employees have been evaluated through a questionnaire developed from the new talent model defined by the company, based on critical capabilities for Ferrovial, which correlate significantly with high performance. Additionally, calibration meetings have been held to deepen the capabilities and development of these professionals. This process allows to obtain a detailed talent map built from different inputs. The ultimate goal is to strengthen meritocracy as a key lever for growth within the organization. In addition and complementary to the talent review process, 23,097 employees participated in evaluation and development processes, 29.41% of the workforce, and the succession plan has been carried out, which has allowed to identify 114 candidates for the 58 critical positions identified.

It is worth noting that the 11,747 job opportunities registered by Ferrovial on the various portals received a total of 301,676 applications, of which 22% were filled by internal candidates.


In 2021 Ferrovial launched the new 2021-2024 strategy for the Corporate University, SUMMA, which enhances the digital learning model, the global reach of the campus, the promotion of internal knowledge and the design of programs that work on key capabilities to boost competitive advantages.

SUMMA’s contents include:

  • Learning Center, a digital space made up of different platforms (LinkedIn Learning, Pharos, Odilo, e-Academy, Digital Gpp, etc.), where employees can access numerous resources and content and where they can customize their learning experience. 
  • SUMMA programs, oriented to each stage of the professional career or for specific groups, as well as programs with prestigious business schools.
  • Events and experiences that take place throughout the year, such as the Executive Forum, a space for analysis and reflection on trends that are changing the world, led by world-renowned experts, or Coffee&Knowledge, monthly virtual meetings lasting one hour, in which internal experts, together with market experts, discuss innovation and market trends and share internal company projects. 

Beyond learning, SUMMA wants to be at the forefront, detecting, testing and developing projects related to other areas of interest such as intrapreneurship, new formulas for financing training, feedback culture or diversity. Ferrovial employees received a total of 783,532 hours of training in 2021, and the company invested a total of 16.5 million euros in these programs. 


One of the commitments acquired in the Strategic Plan is to have an increasingly diverse workforce, generating an environment where collective intelligence is enhanced to increase competitiveness. To achieve this, it is necessary to develop an organizational culture based on meritocracy, capable of generating real opportunities so that each person can develop his or her maximum potential and contribute the best of themselves.

With this objective in mind, the Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategy has been launched, based on three key lines of action:

Promoting the attraction and incorporation of diverse talent in the different areas and organizational levels of the group. In this regard, the company has set, among other objectives, that at least 40% of the new hires with 0 to 3 years of experience should be female and/or local talent, while the Rooney Rule will be applied (to include at least one female and/or local profile in the shortlist of finalist candidates).

Provide the organization with processes and structures that integrate diversity management and generate real opportunities for development so that each person can develop their full potential and contribute the best of themselves.

To develop an inclusive work environment that ensures that everyone who is part of Ferrovial feels respected and recognized.

With the implementation of this new strategy, Ferrovial will enhance the collective intelligence of the talent of its workforce, thereby increasing its profitability and sustainability as a company.

Ferrovial Beats, a new approach to measuring engagement 

Ferrovial has gone a step further in the approach to measuring and analyzing engagement, moving from standard biennial surveys to a more complete system, where employees can regularly transmit their vision. In this way, the new engagement measurement survey, Beats, allows to know the climate of the organization, constantly and in real time, helping to define who the employees are, what they value most and how we can improve as a company. 

These surveys, each comprising 11 to 15 short questions, are focused on understanding the importance granted and satisfaction with key issues such as sense of belonging, leadership, professional development, compensation, reputation, work experience, loyalty and happiness. 

The scope includes all employees of the different business units in the countries in which Ferrovial operates. In this first year of implementation, more than 7,200 responses have been obtained, with a score of 5.75 out of 10. Based on this data, specific actions will be carried out to encourage employee engagement, such as a three-year plan to promote feedback as a tool for professional growth, or the development of a global wellbeing strategy focused on the needs of employees.

Digitization of Human Resources

One of the most relevant milestones in 2021 has been the start of the implementation of a new human resources information system, Workday, which is scheduled to be operational in the third quarter of 2022. 

Among others, the implementation of this system will generate the following benefits for Ferrovial and its professionals: 

  • Simplify, homogenize and automate processes.
  • Having complete and updated workforce information, along with immediate access to information for agile, data-driven decision making.
  • Manage talent more efficiently through a single platform.
  • Provide managers and executives with visibility, insight and up-to-date data about their teams, allowing them to manage faster and more efficiently. 
  • Manage processes through any device in an agile and intuitive way.