Integrated Annual Report

  • 1Management Report 2021
  • 1.1In two minutes
  • 1.2Strategy and value creation
  • 1.3Ferrovial in 2021
  • 1.4Risks
  • 1.5Corporate Governance
  • 1.6Expected Business Performance in 2022
  • Appendix
  • 2Consolidated Financial Statements 2021
  • 1
    Management Report 2021
  • 1.1

    Ferrovial is a leading company in the development of transport infrastructure, mobility solutions, engineering and construction of civil works and buildings.

  • 1.2

    2021 has set the base for recovery from the economic and health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In its second year, the Horizon 24 Plan continues to achieve the proposed objectives.

  • 1.3

    2021 has continued to be marked by the economic and health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and Ferrovial’s commitments to shareholders, employees, customers and society in general.

  • 1.4

    Effective risk management is key to achieving the strategic and operational objectives of Ferrovial and to detecting new business opportunities and competitive edges.

  • 1.5

    Ferrovial’s corporate governance seeks to guarantee integrity, which is construed as diligent, transparent and responsible conduct with its shareholders, employees, clients and the various agents involved in the company’s activities.

  • 1.6

    Ferrovial has forecast the performance of its business for 2022 and the main markets in which it operates. It is attained considering the strategy, opportunities and risks.

  • 2
    Consolidated Financial Statements 2021

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